Craig has been servicing these 48 apartments long before my husband and I took over management. He gets here usually within 24 hours and fixes the ones that can be fixed and replaces those pieces of equipment that are too far gone. I have yet to have any tenant say anything but good things about him and his work.

Connie - Manager,

La Canada Apartments, Lakeside, CA


Craig put in the original furnace and air conditioner 25 years ago. He replaced the A/C unit 5 years ago and services the system every 2 years. I trust him and leave my house keys for him if I can’t be around when he comes by.

Shirley Robbins

Oceanside, CA


T & C Heat and Air services my office building and my home. He just replaced 3 units on my roof with a crane and was in and out in 5 hours. His prices was the best by far. I fired my old HVAC guy and will only use Craig from now on.

David Church

Encinitas, CA


I used to work for Craig way back in the early 90′s. I’ve since gone into internet programs and sell but when my A/C unit got old, I could only think of him to replace them. I recommend him highly.

Bill Persichetti

Murrieta, CA